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Blackstone Farms (sold out)

FIG's latest opportunity zone project in Provo is in position to take advantage of healthy wage growth and the youngest population in the country...

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Why This Market?
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Included in this Project...

MAXX Property Management, FIG's multifamily management and hoa service
MAXX Property Management

All FIG properties are professionally managed by MAXXPM in order to minimize vacancies and maximize your rental income.

Vollkommen Construction, FIG's Fourplex Development Builder
Vollkommen Construction

Co-founder of FIG, Vollkommen brings a long history of building high-end custom homes and combines it with their passion for helping multifamily investors.

First Colony Mortgage, FIG's Preferred Multifamily Lender
First Colony Mortgage

FIG's preferred lender has helped our investors secure over $250M in multifamily financing over the last three years.

The Fourplex Investment Group
Fourplex Investment Group

Since 2013, the FIG companies have built over 4,000 doors of multifamily units, providing investors with over $500M in cash flowing properties.

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Why This Market?

Provo represents the core of the Provo-Orem metropolitan area, which has a combined population of 617,678 and is located directly south of the Salt Lake Metropolitan area. The Provo metro boasts an impressively low unemployment rate of 2.8% as of Feb. 2019, (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). In fact, from Feb. 2014 to Feb. 2019, unemployment in the Provo metro area has averaged just 3.1%. This has lead to increased rents and decreased vacancy rates across the board.

The Provo metro is experiencing massive population growth due to in-migration and a large natural birth rate, making it the youngest population in the country. Increased expansion in the technology sector along with two large universities are expected to lead to continued profitability in the multi-family investment sector.

​All Blackstone Farms units are sold through the FIG team via Capital Advisors Real Estate.

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