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700,000 people move out of California (Texas #1 Landing Spot)

houston market research texas Nov 12, 2019

We've seen a ripple effect occur as more and more California residents are moving away from the sunny golden coast. Boise/Nampa metro over in Idaho has seen a large number of new move-ins who have packed up their bags in places like L.A. and San Francisco and opted for the quieter Treasure Valley.

But who leads the pack when it comes to the highest population of ex-Californians?

According to Kron4, Texas has had over 86,000 new residents from California in the last year. With Arizona, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon next in line.

The number one reason 700,000 residents migrated away in the last year? "A recent poll by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies found that half of California voters have thought about moving out. The top two reasons are the high cost of housing and high taxes."

When looking for a place to invest, especially in multifamily properties--it helps to track these trends. While the influx of new move-ins might not always be there from California, there's a reason why they're moving to places like Houston, Phoenix, and Boise (to name a few). The Economy is strong. The employers are consistent and growing. And the cost of living is manageable.

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