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80+ Jobs Coming to Nampa

boise idaho market research Feb 18, 2020
A lot of the bathrooms you see at state parks and products similar are built and delivered through CXT Inc. Just this last December, the company announced it would be closing down it's Spokane, WA manufacturing plant and relocating (about a 6.5-hour drive) south to Nampa, Idaho.
The company has already started construction and Nampa Mayor, Debbie King is “very pleased CXT has chosen to relocate their manufacturing operations to Nampa. We are excited to support their workforce needs and trust any employees who may be relocating to our area and enjoying our friendly community. On behalf of the City of Nampa, we welcome CXT and wish them much success in the future.”

Boost to Nampa

As a result of the relocation, CXT is planning to add around 80 jobs to the Nampa-Boise metro area. (news release)
“We are excited to join the Treasure Valley business community and are looking forward to developing strong strategic alliances throughout the region for years to come,” CXT president Steve Burgess.

Reason for the Move

CXT stated that Nampa will give closer access to potential customers where they can provide their manufacturing products. "The new facility brings a 79,000 square foot building on 10 acres of land at an unspecified location in Nampa." - BoiseDev

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