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Meridian Idaho

Meridian Approves Plans for New Amazon Facility

boise idaho market research Nov 17, 2020

This time last year, Business Wire confirmed a new 2.6 million sq ft Amazon factory set for Nampa. Now it looks like the nearby city of Meridian is going down a similar path. Seattle retailer is planning a 141,360 sq ft delivery station on a 32-acre lot at 2316 W Franklin Rd, near Ten Mile Rd. The city of Meridian has already approved this project.

This location will become a new delivery station for the metro. As a product is prepped at the fulfillment center and makes its way through the sortation facility, it's last stop before the local post will be this facility.

"The site would include nearly 1,000 parking spaces – crews will pave nearly 70% of the site. A large area to the east of the building will provide space for delivery vehicle parking – with roughly 700 spaces for fleet parking. The area will include employee and visitor parking, as well as storage space for trailers and separate areas for delivery vans to queue and load up." - Boise Dev

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