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Boise, Idaho

Boise, ID Makes another Top 10 List!

boise idaho market research Mar 15, 2019

The Boise valley made it into the 9 spot out of total 236 surveyed US cities...

If you're an investor involved with our newer Meridian, ID projects, this is great news!

As technology advances from year to year, we hear stories in the news like "Standard Bank Closing 91 Branches, The Robots Are Here To Take Our Jobs!" So how much truth is in these stories? While there are a noteworthy amount of jobs being replaced by new tech—from drones delivering mail to factories replacing workers with new machines—there are plenty of new jobs being created as well.

The truth is, "Industrial manufacturing equipment including machine tools, fabricating equipment and other metalworking machines have allowed companies to transform their industries and products with speed, precision and efficiency. However, these transformations wouldn’t be possible without skilled workers" - Kempler Industries.

This lead Kempler to ask the questions,

What are the best cities in America for manufacturing workers?

Where is manufacturing thriving the most?

The result:

A report by Kempler Industries bringing together data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau outlining the best cities for manufacturing jobs.

According to the report, their list focused on Four Key Factors:

  • Total manufacturing jobs per 100,000
  • Year-over-year growth
  • Median income for manufacturing industry
  • Median housing cost

Here's the top 50 List

[via Kempler Industries]

Important Takeaways for FIG Investors

Meridian, ID is part of the Boise metropolitan area, and it's important to note that within the Top 10, only Boise and Portland have a population over 700,000.

"Overall, it’s clear to see that manufacturing is growing in cities throughout the country. The industry has certainly evolved from the Industrial Revolution and it will be interesting to see how that evolution continues throughout the 21st century."

Strong jobs in the Boise valley is a promising sign that employee growth is going to strengthen over the next few years in our investment market. These employees and their families are perfect for the string of multifamily units we have going up throughout meridian.

You can read up on Kempler Industries' methodology for the report here: Best Cities for Manufacturing Jobs

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