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project updates utah Jun 30, 2018

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  • 63 Doors
  • 19 Triplexes,  1 Mixed Use

Project Timeline

June 2018

The District at Valley Station was completed last year, but this video compilation is the conclusive piece of marketing to show the landscape maturing and the great addition to Heber City, UT FIG made. This project was 100% rented within months of completion and the commercial space is filling up as well.

October 2017

The District at Valley Station multifamily Development began by the Fourplex Investment Group in 2016 and will be 100% complete and stabilized by end of 2017. The project features vertical triplex units built as twelve plex buildings and a 6 plex mixed-use product on the corners. Rents have been stabilizing higher than originally anticipated for a great return.

August 2017

At The District at Valley Station in Heber City, UT the delay of the asphalt in our common areas that has been going on for several months with a subcontractor has been resolved and a new trade has been retained to complete the asphalt this week. The certificates of occupancy should all be complete and units "rent-ready" by the 14th. The landscaping is going in and the commercial spaces are already in negotiations as well with a great tenant in the SW Corner (to be announced upon contract).

June 2017

The District at Valley Station multifamily investment development has received four completion sign-offs in Phase 1 with landscaping starting within a month. Renters are already applying for approval and some units have signed contracts to start occupying July 1st.

May 2017

The District at Valley Station multifamily development is nearing completion with all framing near-complete, exteriors being wrapped up and the interior finish work wrapped up on 60% of the development. RE/MAX Equity Property Management has over 30 tenants on a reservations list and city inspections for certificates of occupancy occurring over the next few weeks.

April 2017

The District at Valley Station is nearing completion for Phase 1. Finishing touches are wrapping up and the next step is to bring in all of the asphalt and curbing for the community, then landscaping. One update regarding the exterior is that we didn't like the final color once installed so new exterior colors to replace the stucco portions will be implemented soon to "enrich" the exterior look to match the incredible quality and layout of this community.

Rents are looking to surpass expectations from the original marketing of the development for another successful outcome in the books for our loyal investors. Stay tuned for more details and updates.

January 2017

Things are moving along nicely at The District at Valley Station property in Heber City. The first three multifamily investments have completed the framing stage and will now move on to internal finishing and external beautification. Soon we'll see paint brighten up the faces of these buildings. Cabinetry and flooring will start shaping the interiors over the next 6-8 weeks. Across the street, one 12plex is in its second-level framing stage, and another foundation sits ready for framing. We'll keep you up-to-date as this FIG multifamily property continues to make progress.

December 2016

Things are really moving along nicely at The District at Valley Station in Heber City. One building is now fully framed with roof intact, windows, and doors already attached. A second building is in the final stages of third-level framing, the roof nearly finished. This building will soon undergo the installation of doors and windows. A third building is in midst of the third-level framing process. A roof will soon enclose this structure, rounding out the structural skyline on this side of the street. Across the street, one building is in its first-level framing process. Next to it, a footing sits ready for framing to begin. It won't be long before all of these buildings stand at full stature and enter into more finishing interior and exterior processes. FIG will continue to keep you updated as work progresses on this beautiful property.

November 2016

Such tremendous progress has been made recently at The District at Valley Station in Heber City. Structures now stand where last there were only ready footings. One building is fully framed to three levels with roof intact, soon to enter the interior and exterior finishing processes. One other building is in its first-level framing stage with an enclosed first-level roof. Soon we'll see multiple levels pop up on top of this starter building. The third building on the corner is in it's second-level stage of framing soon to be enclosed with a roof. Across the street, two completed footings outline soon-to-be-poured foundations for two additional buildings. Framing for these buildings is close on the horizon, and before long the skeletal vision for the whole development on both sides of the street will manifest its full structural shape.

September 2016

Exciting progress has been made recently at The District at Valley Station in Heber City. The skeletons for the triplexes in Phase 1 are starting to manifest their shape. Land that last looked barren now shows the promising beginnings of buildings. All three foundations have been poured in Phase 1 and framing is close on the horizon for these triplexes. Soon, we'll start to see walls pop up where these buildings are now visibly marked out. Lots 10-13 start framing this week. Lots 1-5 start framing in two weeks, and lots 6-9 will start framing in four weeks. Additionally, all of the sewer, water, electrical, and cable have been run underground, ready for hook-up once these properties hatch into full-fledged buildings. As for Phase 2, the digging of both foundations is now underway and permits will be issued this week.

The surrounding area continues to bustle with ongoing development, as well. Oakwood Homes has new construction right down the street with their Cottages at Valley Station. So, it's a neighborhood blooming with other brand-new properties that will further increase the desirability of these investments. FIG will continue construction progress in this area with more updates coming soon on this development slated for completion in early Spring.

July 2016

Drone Footage was taken of The District at Valley Station-Heber City on July 7th, 2016. Water and sewer lines look to be finished and are being covered up. Lines for power seem to be run and are ready for direct hook up to the units. Progress is being made more on the underground side of things, but hope to see more on the topside shortly.

June 2016

Drone Footage was taken of The District at Valley Station-Heber City from June 16th, 2016. Water and sewer lines are almost finished with a direct connection to the city. Thank you for checking back to see this project's progression. Shortly we will begin to see footings take shape.

April 2016

The RAW video was taken of The District at Valley Station-Heber City from April 30th, 2016. Initial water and sewer lines are being cut for direct connection and hookup to the city. Phase 1 of the footings will begin shortly. We will continue to film the progression of this exciting new development.

Please continue to check back for up-to-date information and videos and as always you can email [email protected] for any questions. Please also check out our current projects we are taking reservations on right now. We have mixed-use properties, triplex multifamily units, and fourplex multifamily units available. If you are interested in investing with us or are interested in learning more about these investments. Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to discuss this project and our other projects which include The Meadows in Provo, Mills Road in Houston, TX & Easton Park in American Fork.

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping our clients with their real estate investment needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us about our new projects and get in on this incredible investment opportunity.

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