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project updates utah utah county Dec 31, 2018

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  • 348 Doors
  • 52 Triplexes, 21 Fourplexes, 6 twelve-plexes, 6 Mixed Use

Project Timeline

December 2018

October 2018

September 2018

FIG's largest project to date, Easton Park, is wrapping up! The final certificates of occupancy are expected within the next 45 days. Phases 1 and 2 are completely rented up now, with property management now signing leases in much of Phase 3. If you haven't checked out our previous post about opportunity zones, check it out! We're not quite sure what it means for our investors yet, but this property is located in one of the government's newly designated opportunity zones!

August 2018

Phase 2 of Easton Park has the pickleball courts in, all of Phase 1 has completed the amenities and turned over maintenance to the city (this area continues to be a massive hit to the community and surrounding area), and Phase 3 construction is out of the log jam of our fire-sprinkler delay and back on track with finish subcontractors working to wrap up the project.

June 2018

Easton Park in American Fork is FIG's largest investment development to date with over 350 doors. The development is nearing completion with all units to be turned over by end of Summer/early Fall 2018.

May 2018

Easton Park Subdivision in American Fork is wrapping up all of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Points of interest are the massive 5-acre park in the middle of the development which is being turned over to the city to be maintained. Also, the landscaping between the 12 plex buildings is being completed and soon the grass on the perimeters of all of Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be installed and complete as well as more trees to complete the atmosphere of the project. Rental demand continues to increase both with the season and with the nearing completion of the project and despite having a massive competition this project is really shaping up into an excellent addition to the FIG portfolio.

March 2018

The bottleneck labor crisis has mostly subsided in the development and turnovers are starting to re-materialize. We have also recently noticed an uptick in renter interest and activity which is exciting. Over the next few months, there will be a focus on finishing and also continuing forward on the amenities, landscaping, and stabilizing the development. We have some interest in the commercial spaces which will be announced once official and are also obtaining the permit to build out the on-site gym in one of the spaces as well as the on-site management offices so we can move our team from the rented cubicle space to an official office in the development.

Here are specific updates per building that is nearing completion. Please click on a picture. On the bottom of the picture will be a description of the unit #, progress, expected completion, and also part of the owner's name. Note that Phase 3 does not yet have completion dates on the schedule, but will within the next month.

February 2018

Easton Park in American Fork is FIG's largest investment development to date with over 350 doors. The development is nearing completion with all units to be turned over by Summer 2018. As you'll note nearly all of Phase 3 is framed up and some units have roofing. The main amenities are in and you'll want to swing by and check out the zipline's...they're incredible.

December 2017

It's hard to believe the difference one year has made here. Last January we were working against 200" of snowfall in the Wasatch Front and now we're nearly dry and wrapping up Phase 1 and getting closings in Phase 2 units. Phase 3 is well on its way with framing at 50% completion in the phase.

November 2017

The park looks magnificent and much of the common space complete in the Easton Park Development. Many of the units are turning over with Certificates of Occupancy and renters are starting to move in. Total project completion scheduled for Summer 2018.

October 2017

The Easton Park multifamily investment development is located in American Fork, UT. The project started construction in 2017 and will have over 100 filled rental units by end of the year. This development is a FIG development partnered with Vollkommen Construction. Multifamily investors throughout the US choose FIG for their innovative approach and investment track record.

August 2017

Easton Park in American Fork has seen dramatic changes to the common areas with topsoil currently being spread, the pathways marked out and mostly paved, and the box for the city's largest zipline (I'm pretty sure) all prepped. We expect the first tenants to start moving in October 1st and are ecstatic for the results of this community.

July 2017

Easton Park has nearly all of Phase 1 near completion with RE/MAX Equity Property Management on top of the marketing to start filling units in September. Located on 27 acres with over 5 acres of green space this multifamily investment development in American Fork, UT is positioned to be an excellent asset for years to come.

June 2017

Easton Park multifamily subdivision is showing great signs of progress with the majority of the development framed up with windows, roofing, and some exteriors complete. The Summer rush is on to get the bulk of Phase 1 finished by end of Summer and capture Fall move-in demand for rents.

May 2017

The Easton Park multifamily development in American Fork, UT has all fourplex units framed and roofed in Phase 1 with framing making great progress in Phase 2. Triplex and 12 plex units are racing forward to meet our Summer completion expectation and the goal is still to have rentable units by September 2017 with landscaping complete and all units final cleaned with certificates of occupancy (expectation for 90% of Phase 1). Phase 2 completions scheduled for December 2017.

April 2017

The Easton Park development has done quite well given a break in the weather and the city picking up the pace on permit deliveries and inspections. You'll note nearly every fourplex in Phase 1 fully framed and roofed with several of our twelveplex and triplex buildings doing the same. Current expectations are to complete all of Phase 1 (with the exception being the units facing 860 East) and the common area landscape to begin renting late Summer early Fall. We want to create as much distance between construction and renters as possible to limit liability and increase the living experience of our renters.

March 2017

Take a sneak peek at our first sets of framing at Easton Park in American Fork! Two buildings are fully framed with roofs, windows, and doors attached. A third building is in the process of roof application and awaits the installation of doors and windows. A fourth building is in its second-level framing stage while a fifth undergoes first-level framing. Several more foundations sit ready for framing to begin and other footings are mapped out for foundations to be poured. Preparations continue on the rest of this massive property as construction will soon spread like wildfire across the grid. Stay tuned to see the face of this development continue to transform as the pace of progress quickens in this beautiful weather.

January 2017

Despite massive delays with our city permitting, things are now underway at Easton Park in American Fork. Fighting the snowy conditions, we've been able to complete Phase 1 fourplex footings and will begin Phase 1 triplex and 12-plex footings next. It's exciting to see the healthy row of footings laid out along the north-east border of the property, making it possible to envision where these first fourplex investments will stand. The framers will be on-site very soon to change the entire view of this project and to catch up on nearly 3 months lost recently in our construction schedule. Preparations continue on the rest of the property for the initiation of more multifamily real estate in Easton Park. More updates coming soon as progress continues to transform this space into another successful FIG community.

December 2016

Things are really starting to move and shake now at Easton Park in American Fork. The first footings now exist, denoting the location of the first buildings! And digging continues, starting to outline the spaces for future footings. It won't be long before foundations start sprouting up from these mapped out spaces, and structures will follow soon afterward. Preparations are being made across this expansive property for building to begin soon. This work site is busy with so much activity. So, stay tuned as progress quickly continues in American Fork.

November 2016

The development site at Easton Park in American Fork is starting to bustle with activity. The permits have started coming in on all the fourplexes, triggering the first steps on site towards future foundations. Holes are now starting to be dug for the first footings! And, permits for the triplexes should be coming in any day. All of the underground work preparing irrigation and culinary water has been completed, ready for these buildings to start popping up on top. Soon the development will start to map out across this expansive property. Lots of action is close at hand for this construction crew. Stay tuned as Easton Park soon starts to take shape in this evolving section of American Fork.

October 2016

Easton Park is in the beginning stages of the construction process and exciting progress has already been made on this massive property. The sewer in Phase 1 is now complete and the culinary water is ninety-percent completed. Storm drain construction in Phase 1 will start this week, as well as work on the pressurized irrigation system. Curb and gutter work will start the first of next week, which will start to outline where the buildings will take place. As time continues, we'll see this beautiful property start to take shape in it's prime location full of new growth and development all around in the surrounding vicinity. More updates from FIG on this project coming soon as progress continues.

May 2016

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