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FIG's Plans for 2020

project updates Nov 11, 2019

Today I want to talk briefly about what "FIG", the Fourplex Investment Group has coming up for the rest of 2019. I'll probably cheat a little bit and get into early 2020 too. 

I'm filming this in October of 2019 and here in the next 10 days, (this past week) we expect to announce a new stacked flat 4Plex product in Payson, Utah.

It's on the Southside of Utah County. If you're familiar with Utah County, the growth is all happening pushing Westward and Southward because that's where there is room to expand.

We're excited about that one -- It should deliver a CAP Rate in the mid-6's. As I said, it will kinda be a stacked flat apartment complex feel... that's going to be a little bit better for the demographic on that side of town.

Another one that will be really exciting. We'll announce it probably in the next 30-45 days. In the Federal Opportunity Zone, in Provo, Utah. Right there off of State St. in Provo. We expect to announce that here soon; with construction being in May or June of 2020.

So if you've been looking at Opportunity Zones and you want some of the benefits that come tax-wise from one of those... You should reach out to us about that project coming up in Provo (

We're also very excited to announce here in the next 45 days, the project in Surprise, Arizona. It'll be called Hayden Farms, a townhouse 4Plex project. That'll be our first foray into the Arizona marketplace

We've been working on it for a long time, lining up all the details. Phoenix is a great economy. It's not the economy that it was back in 05 and 06. It's much broader and diverse now. We feel VERY GOOD about it.

Stay tuned as we'll announce more in North Salt Lake City, in Spring, Texas, and probably in Heber City, Utah as well. We'll also announce the 2nd phases of our projects in Meridian and Nampa, Idaho. So lots of 4Plexes coming on the market here for you to invest in.

Reach out to us to talk about the PROS and CONS of the timing... the market... and 1031 exchange needs that you may have.

Thanks a lot!

- The FIG Team

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