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Why Build-To-Rent Fourplex Communities?

the fig process Jan 21, 2021

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Investing in affordable housing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy to protect and build wealth. New Construction multifamily homes that contain four apartment units (fourplex properties) can offer a host of benefits to investors and may provide security, cash flow, tax advantages, and forced appreciation that stocks and bonds simply cannot do.

Any new or seasoned investor is going to be looking for cash on cash return, a good cap rate, and a good location. Investors want something that has infrastructure around it with quality jobs so that they can tap into a good tenant pool. Investing in residential multi-family is a way for the average American to put their money to work while helping with the increasing rent affordability gap.

Why Build-To-Rent Fourplex Communities?

When we talk about fourplexes being appealing to a working-class renter, there's a couple of reasons for that. A working-class renter is most concerned about affordability. But they still want to have some amenities and something a little bit nicer if they can help it.

In a fourplex community that's professionally managed, where somebody is enforcing all of that stuff, a quality tenant is attracted to that type of investment. Tenants appreciate a clean community that has the amenities they're looking for and is well managed.

We're essentially taking that hard-earned dollar that everyone's working for, and creating that value in the product that we have. Affordable housing is a diverse section of people.

Some of the elements that are critical for these fourplex developments is that curb appeal, that initial feeling that you get as you see the community. We offer the clubhouse, pool, workout centers, and overall experience that you see and feel in these communities,

The Appeal of the FIG Model

Established in 2010, the Fourplex Investment Group is home to investors seeking real estate that provides cash flow, builds solid equity, and helps grow and preserve wealth. FIG units are built in high-demand employment growth areas across Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and Texas. FIG build-to-rent multifamily has low vacancy rates and key demographics that appeal to real estate investors.

The mission of the Fourplex Investment Group is to provide an affordable housing product for both renters and investors. That way investors can participate in products that they otherwise could not do, and tenants can get a better experience for a price that they could otherwise not get.

What makes FIG and our business model unique is the fact that we are a bridge between large commercial investing and the main street investor. In other words, someone who wants to get the benefits of both sides of that would really find the FIG business model to be beneficial.

Putting your investment dollars into a new construction fourplex not only gives you four streams of income, it also creates value in the marketplace. A fourplex loan gives an investor the chance to lock in their interest rate for 30-years. This is especially important in the pandemic era as high government debt is expected to play an inflationary role in the economy.

Having a chance to invest in a fourplex gives a lot of opportunity to investors. It's more affordable, so they can come in and buy numerous units at a lower price point. When they do that, they're going to get multiple sources of income that's coming to them. That's where the cash flow happens.

If you're a busy pro, with capital to invest, the Fourplex Investment Group is here for you. Owning a FIG unit can help preserve your property's value and cash flow for years to come. The entire experience is designed to be a hands-off, low-maintenance investment, where you can put your hard-earned money to work and watch it grow.

The FIG Team

Our team actually invests in these themselves, which is really kind of great, right? Knowing that we invest in these, you can take comfort since each of us know how this works, from the very beginning to the very end. With a track record of more than a decade, we know all of the pieces come together to create a community that someone wants to live in. Our investors are able to move forward knowing that we have invested in our own product.

There's not enough housing, so a lot of investors have pivoted to this concept called "build-to-rent". So really, when you think about investing in a fourplex, anybody can do it. It's something that we're experts in so if it's something you've been thinking about, you should Give us a call because we do roll out a lot of doors every year.

We research the areas that we're in and nobody can really build at the price we do because of our volume and some of the engineering that we've been able to develop over the years. It's a good investment and it's something we do ourselves.

Multifamily investing isn't just for large insurance companies and Wall Street. Whether you're starting out or looking to expand your real estate investment portfolio, this is a great way to make a solid profit and help the US housing shortage in the process.

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