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Lochs at Waters Edge Development

Tucker Row & the Lochs at Waters Edge Updates

project updates utah utah county Jun 30, 2018

Project Info

Tucker Row:



  • 136 Doors
  • 2 Duplexes, 33 Fourplexes

The Lochs at Waters Edge:



  • 208 Doors
  • 4 Duplexes, 50 Fourplexes

Project Timeline

June 2018

The Lochs at Waters Edge Multifamily development is comprised of three-story townhome-style fourplexes. This project has been completely turned over and the final landscape nearly complete. Property management has been regularly filling units throughout the project.

March 2018

The Lochs Subdivision is wrapping up completions of units weekly and the rental demand is starting to turn a corner as we see signs of our Spring move market on the horizon. Soon the landscaping will be scheduled to beautify the development and put the finishing touches on this successful venture by all of our great clients. We are seeing market demand in the $850,000 range for a finished fourplex in the development and some units that were single units are trading for around $230,000. So you're sitting quite pretty with equity...CONGRATS.

Here are specific updates per building that is nearing completion. Please click on a picture. On the bottom of the picture will be a description of the unit #, progress, expected completion, and also part of the owner's name.

February 2018

The Lochs at Waters Edge Multifamily development is comprised of three-story townhome-style fourplexes. This project has had about 1/3 of the development turned over with units being rented weekly and more units to be turned over throughout Spring.

December 2017

You'll note near the end of the video some of the amenities that the master-developers have put in to create the wonderful living atmosphere renters in this development will appreciate for years to come.

November 2017

Several fourplex units in The Lochs at Waters Edge have been turned over and leased out in Vineyard, UT. Recently a code procedural change has modified the timeline and put delays on the final turn over of units, but Vollkommen Construction is working with city and state officials to wrap up construction and stay ahead of schedule as planned.

October 2017

The Lochs at Waters Edge in Vineyard, UT is a fourplex multifamily investment development by Fourplex Investment Group (aka FIG). The Lochs started in 2017 and will have 40 doors rented by end of 2017. The Waters Edge community was developed by Flagship homes and is a master-planned community with amenities, shopping, access to Utah Lake, schools, and 3 freeway entrances.

August 2017

The landscaping of the turf is nearly complete at Tucker Row in Waters Edge and The Lochs has most of Phase 1 near completion for construction and is focused on area stabilization in preparation of starting to turn units over to the property management group for rent. The Waters Edge HOA amenities have been committed to be started directly across the street with improvements being visible and nearing completion next Spring, 2018.

July 2017

The Lochs fourplex multifamily investment development is located in Vineyard, UT in the Waters Edge master-planned community. Construction is set to complete beginning September 2017 thru Spring 2018.

June 2017

Tuckers Row and The Lochs at Waters Edge are seeing tremendous progress. Landscaping is beginning at Tuckers Row and The Lochs has roofs on multiple buildings with exteriors started and nearly 30% of the development framed up.

May 2017

Construction (outside of the small touch-ups) is complete for Tuckers Row at Water's Edge. Now the Lochs has an entire row of fourplexes near complete with framing and some with roofing with all footings being wrapped up over the next few weeks directly across the street from the Waters Edge community clubhouse and amenities which we should see work on very soon.

April 2017

The Lochs community has completed all underground utilities throughout Phases 1-2, with roads at near completion. Footings are mostly complete in Phase 1 and framing well underway with rooftops starting the scatter the job-site. Current schedules are right on track to complete within the 12 month contract period and begin the stabilization process. Directly to the East is our Tucker Row development and neighboring communities are bustling with new residents. Next to come is the Waters Edge community amenities being developed by Flagship Homes who is the master developer of the Waters Edge development.

Tucker Row is nearly fully completed with final touches being placed on the bonus garages, interiors, and landscaping is scheduled to start within the next 30 days. Rents are coming in higher than anticipated from the original proforma based on the great work by our Property Management partners.

Directly to the West, you'll notice between Tucker Row and the beautiful Utah Lake views we have The Lochs development underway with roads in and several fourplex units at the roofing stage and multiple fourplexes in the framing stages.

March 2017

It's exciting to see how this last Phase of buildings has taken shape and bloomed with color at Tucker Row at Waters Edge in Vineyard. This community is nearing the completion of construction! Several buildings are in the process of being painted. A few more undergo the preparations for painting. A few still await the last installation of windows, doors, and garage doors. And all of them are in the process of receiving internal finishing work from flooring to cabinetry while their exteriors undergo finalizing beautification. The garage structures have now all been fully framed and roofed and just await the installation of their doors. It won't be long before all exposed wood is hidden with paint and every building blends in with the stylish branding of the community look. Stay tuned as progress continues to boom in Vineyard.

February 2017

Progress continues to race forward at Tucker Row @ Waters Edge in Vineyard. All the buildings are now fully framed and enclosed. A few await the installation of windows and doors and garage doors while others undergo the painting process. All of them are engaged in all levels of internal finishing from flooring to cabinetry. Many of the additional garage structures are fully framed while a few footings map out where more will stand. Once all of these investment properties are painted, the whole community will come together with a chic cohesive visual. More updates coming soon as this development continues to barrel towards completion.

Initial processes have started at The Lochs at Waters Edge, the shape of this projected FIG community starting to map out visibly across the property. Approximately $1.8M has been spent on the site so far on necessary preparations for future building. All of Phase 1 underground utilities have been completed. All of the road base is in. Permits are at the city, ready for a final meeting before releasing for the start of footings. And, curbs are expected to start around the 20th (when the frost levels should be easier to work through). The pace for this project is on track to meet all expected deadlines. The Tucker Row development directly to the East has met all of its deadlines and has even been ahead of schedule by several months, on some occasions. Considering the work completed so far, it's safe to say that The Lochs is off to a steady start to follow in these footsteps. More updates coming soon as progress continues in snowy Vineyard.

January 2017

Things are really starting to progress towards the finish at Tucker Row @ Waters Edge with all real estate investments in various stages on their way to completion. Every multifamily property is now enclosed with a roof with the newest buildings awaiting the installation of windows, doors, and garage doors. Many other of the fourplex properties are now in the process of being painted and undergo all kinds of interior finishing work from flooring to cabinetry. A few additional garage structures now pepper the property with footings for a few more mapped out. The surrounding area continues to bustle with new construction, as well. Stay tuned as things continue to take shape in Vineyard!

December 2016

Tucker Row is really on its feet now as a fully configured community. The mainframes of all the buildings have now been constructed, structurally intact with roofs attached. The buildings are now in various stages of finishing and detail work. Some are ready to receive windows, doors, and garage doors. Many are ready to be painted and a few are now undergoing the painting process. Several buildings are undergoing internal work with cabinetry, flooring, and the installation of interior doors. It won't be long until paint brightens the faces of all these wooden structures and finishing touches are being put on the last buildings. And with so much development also happening in the surrounding area, Vineyard proves to be an exciting, up-and-coming location for would-be renters. FIG's in-house team keeps busy filling these units as quickly as they finish. We'll keep you posted as progress continues.

October 2016

Progress at Tucker Row continues to boom! The development is really starting to take shape into a beautifully cohesive community. Six new buildings now stand in Phase 3. A seventh is in its first level of framing and the eighth has the foundation laid ready for framing. Four of those buildings are now ready for roofing, while several more have roofs already installed and are ready for the application of shingles. Four buildings in Phase 1 have the exteriors already painted sporting a stylish finish and several more are now undergoing the painting process. The buildings in Phase 1 and many in Phase 2 are experiencing different levels of interior detail work in the form of painting, flooring, carpeting, and cabinetry. In the coming weeks, we'll continue to see color brighten up the faces of these buildings and start to see all the exposed places reach their optimum state of the structural enclosure. More updates coming soon on this developing property as the busy construction crew continues their excellent work.

September 2016

Tucker Row @ Waters Edge is showing swift and significant progress! Walls are sprouting up. Roofs are blooming over. And, overall the project is starting to take it's organic shape. Let's take a closer look at what's new in the development. All the foundations have now been laid, with seven platforms soon to be cemented in preparation for the first-level walls. Four fourplexes are totally cemented within the footings ready for framing to begin. All except 12 units have framework started or finished, three fourplexes in their first-level phase, and six buildings with second and third levels near completion in preparation for roofing. Four units are in the process of getting boards laid for roofing as a forerunner to shingles placement. Another seven buildings are already getting their shingles affixed. What's more, the surrounding area is starting to bustle with new development, as well. More updates coming soon from FIG on this fast-forming property.

July 2016

Knowing how important it is to see the Return on Investment we feel the best way we can provide that at this time, is through these short videos. We hope you enjoy our work and know that we care about our investors. We enjoy filming these and showing your investment in progress, not just hearing or reading about it.

Seeing is Believing.

Tucker Row @ Waters Edge is taking off like a rocket. The City of Vineyard worked with us on our previous Edgewater Development, just down the road. Vineyard having seen the simplicity of our dealings has given us all of the needed permits for the building of this project. This is making our build so much faster, and less time consuming waiting on permits.

This footage taken on July 27th, 2016 shows the significant progress being made. We can see that the first started four-plex unit has all of its framework built and has its rooftop sheeting placed. The first six-plex is also receiving its second and third levels with top trusses. Our second six-plex has the first level structure up, while another three four-plex units also have their first level walls and framework built. We can also see that 16 other foundation borders are poured with another four filled with cement. Roads have also been paved and completed with edging.

FIG is thankful for our builder Mike Miller with Vollkommen Construction and the individual people that labor long hours to make these plans and drawings a reality. We see the many jobs that have been created and know its effect on the local economy and communities are great. FIG knows we cannot take all of the credit for that. We thank our investors for believing in us and investing their hard-earned capital in these. We hope each can see a great return, not only in wealth but the people's lives and families that are being blessed.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to learn more about our Projects in the Works, and ones Currently Taking Reservations. We hope to continue to grow with you as friends in a greater cause, helping the world become a better place.

We just can't help to appreciate and enjoy the journey we are on together.

Individual talents and support of them are making dreams come true.

June 2016

Drone footage of Tucker Row taken on June 24th, 2016. Much progress has been made in the past three weeks. Footings have been cut and cemented with foundations. Initial walls and framework have begun on one of the fourplex's, which is very exciting to see. We will begin to see more of the same progress in other buildings as well. The roads of this development are outlined with gutters and are looking to have pavement laid this next week.

May 2016

RAW footage of Tucker Row taken on May 3rd, 2016. Check out the progress that has been made in the last 6 weeks. Many footings have arisen and will continue to show an increase of 2-3 new footing per week as scheduled. We are excited to see that things are showing excellent advancement and are ahead of schedule. We appreciate your business and want to show the progress of your investments. We would also like to point out that developments around Tucker Row, along Waters Edge, are moving along rapidly. It is exciting to see this and what is to come.

April 2016

The RAW video was taken of Tucker Row from April 7th, 2016. Phase 1 footings have been going with a planned 2-3 new sets of footings per week going forward. Seeing bi-weekly footage, you’ll notice the daily progress of new footings and how the land is taking shape for this beautiful Fourplex Development.

Please continue to check back for up-to-date information and videos and as always you can email [email protected] for any questions. Please also check out our current projects we are taking reservations on right now. We have mixed-use properties, triplex multifamily units, and fourplex multifamily units available.

If you are interested in investing with us or are interested in learning more about these investments. Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to discuss this project and our other projects which include The Meadows in Provo, The District at Valley Station in Heber, Mills Road in Houston, TX & Easton Park in American Fork. Now more than ever is the time to get into fourplex investments with FIG. Don’t hesitate to contact us about our new projects and get in on this incredible investment opportunity.

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