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Mixing a New Construction Rental Community with For-Sale Units

build-to-rent podcast market research Oct 23, 2021

Let's say half of your complex will be build-to-rent units owned by investors, and the other half will be 'for sale' units platted for owner-occupancy. How should you approach setting up HOA(s) and property management services?

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 We're getting ready to do a project here in Utah. That's going to be mixed, right? Where we have a big central clubhouse and that's going to have a pool and a gym and a leasing office and an HOA office. Right. And then to the left side is going to be a rental company. 

Of condos and townhomes and to the right side is going to only be a for-sale community of townhomes. Those two, uh, those two demographics kind of have different needs and wants don't they?  

Sherida Zenger: Yes, So that's why we're going to do two HOA's in that community.

Steve Olson: Yeah. One master HOA and then two sub-HOAs. That way they can't be totally separate because they will interact with one another, but they're not necessarily always under the same rules. 

Sherida Zenger: They may have different needs...

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