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Riverton, utah

New Development in Riverton, Utah

market research salt lake county utah Dec 16, 2016

Huge things are happening in Riverton, located close to FIG's property The Overlook in Herriman. Plans are in place for the development of 543 acres of farmland located between the Mountain View Corridor and Bangerter Highway near 13400 South.

It's projected that this development will include up to 3,800 new residential units and nearly 3 million square feet of retail and office space. That means a huge surge in population, adding roughly 12,000 to a community of only 42,000 currently. It'll be the largest residential and commercial development in the city's history.

The expansive space will be divided into smaller village-like communities complete with shopping centers, office towers, public squares, schools, and more than 20 acres of parks and trails, not to mention a slew of homes, condos, and apartments. From a "blank canvas," Riverton Planning Manager Jason Lethbridge envisions the chance to build a whole new community.

He calls the project a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." "It really has felt like our planets have aligned," said Lethbridge. "It's not very often that a city has a plan that's aligned with the right developer, the right property at the right time in the market."

This grand plan originates from earlier city approval of Mountain View Village (pictured above and below), an 85-acre mixed-use development to be located at 13400 South and Bangerter Highway. This project hopes to anchor the expansive new development in the community, creating a central gathering place in the South Jordan area. The "Village" will consist of shopping, restaurants, office space, a gym, and a hotel with a full luxury theater.

CenterCal, a California developer, has already started construction on this first piece of the new Riverton puzzle. It's the same company that built Station Park in Farmington. "I've been up to Farmington Station several times," says Riverton resident Lisa Evans, "and I just really love the community feel of it. It's a great gathering place. I think any community can benefit from something that brings the community together."

City Councilman Trent Staggs predicts that the new development could become a "destination place" in the southwest part of Salt Lake County. "It's going to be very unique, something we'll be very proud to have in our community."

Source: Deseret News

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