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Porter's Crossing Development

Porter's Crossing Updates

project updates utah utah county Dec 31, 2018

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  • 94 Doors
  • 1 Duplex, 3 Triplexes, 20 Fourplexes, 3 Townhomes

Project Timeline

March 2021

This project was first announced to investors back in January of 2017. Four years later we decided to look at the original numbers in our proformas and compare them to what the numbers look like now!

December 2018

October 2018

Construction on the property is moving along with final certificates of occupancy having come through on all but 4 properties. Property management is marketing for tenants and has filled up the first few buildings that have been delivered. Landscaping is underway on the final phase and should be wrapped up before the coldest weather sets in!

September 2018

August 2018

As you'll notice in this video, there is a lot of movement at the Porters Crossing development. The project has multiple renters occupying units and enjoying the finished amenities of the clubhouse, common area grasses, and the playground. By November this entire development will be wrapped up and turned over to the HOA and Property Management group.

June 2018

Recently our Director of Operations, Brian Schnell, has implemented new systems to streamline our turnover process. As clients near completion at Porter's Crossing, you'll notice a new process if you've invested with FIG in the past. We're excited to show you a more streamlined approach for your turnover and appreciate your feedback in the process.

The Porters Crossing subdivision in Eagle Mountain, UT is coming along well with the first buildings completed and the clubhouse nearly able to be turned over. The landscaping crews are finishing the sprinkler systems and finish grade and will begin install over the next two months.

May 2018

You're seeing the majority of Phase 1 in Porters Crossing getting near completion with landscaping crews setting up to begin over the next 4-6 weeks to beautify the grounds of the project and prepare for rental move-ins. Already there is interest in the development and momentum from our property management group to fill these units for the investors who bought here. The small building between the 2nd and third buildings on the most completed section is the community clubhouse and directly South of that will be the common area park and playground for the community.

March 2018

February 2018

The Porters Crossing subdivision in Eagle Mountain, UT is coming along well with framed up buildings 1-7, and all buildings will have framing at least started by March. The rest of February will have sticks going up very quickly. Check out the project details at 

We have recently promoted one of our project managers, Miguel to work out of our home office and be responsible to manage all construction schedules across all projects. This tracking system will have a fresh look starting in the Porters Crossing Development. Our clients will now be able to log in and view the link of their project to see how it is trending with the anticipated benchmark dates.

You'll notice the future projects are mostly scheduled out as well in the tabs at the bottom for our upcoming Meridian, ID, Herriman, UT, and Houston, TX developments starting to close in the next month with a new set of investors.

We also want to welcome Brian Schnell to our home office. Brian started February 5th, 2018, and relocated from Portland, OR to work with FIG. Brian will be Director of Operations and comes with 20 yrs of building and multifamily development experience. We are very excited about his contributions to refining and scaling our systems for our clients and future growth.

December 2017

The Porters Crossing fourplex development is currently completing all site work with lumber on-site and framers starting very soon in the project. Building schedules are trending to have this project ready for Summer Rents!

November 2017

The roads are in, footings prepped, and city permits are coming within 10 days to start laying underground plumbing, foundations, and building. This FIG multifamily development in Eagle Mountain, UT will be a boost to the economy and housing needs of Utah County.

The Porters Crossing development in Eagle Mountain, UT that consists of 96 doors is starting to get exciting. All of the road base along with curb and cutter are in. Permits are starting to get pulled which is prepared to be released by the city this week. The builder has dug holes on half of the development as of October 31st, and continuing to dig to prep for the footings and foundations which are scheduled to start first week of November and will be worked on throughout the month. Framing will be ordered shortly after in which we will soon start to see structures take shape over all the ready foundations.

October 2017

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