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Provo, utah Qualtrics Headquarters

Qualtrics Doubling the Size of Utah Headquarters

market research utah utah county Nov 22, 2019

Utah County just recently got a reminder that it's home to tech giants.

One of the biggest names in Experience management, Qualtrics, just announced plans to double the size of their Provo-based, Utah County headquarters. On top of this, across the street from their office is a 40,000 sq-ft facility that they will be turning into what they call "the MIT of daycares" giving (STEM) education throughout their tech-infused curriculum.

These plans include adding 1,000+ new employees after they were acquired by SAP in an $8 Billion cash deal.

"Since then, Qualtrics has been expanding at an extraordinary rate, with announcements of new facilities and operational outposts — along with commensurate staff additions — happening on a seemingly monthly basis."

Their new offices will feature a 355,000 sq-ft project which includes two new parking structures, three-story outdoor terrace, new conf areas, meeting spaces, etc.

Affect on the County

Like many other tech companies in the area (Adobe, Vivint, Workfront...) we're seeing a large migration to Utah. Qualtrics CEO, Ryan Smith said Qualtrics is relocating roughly 200 new employees to Utah each year. Yet another indication of the security of Utah's real estate investment market.

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