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Steve Olson at a FIG Event

Three Emerging "Investor-Friendly" Metros

market research Mar 22, 2019

Comprehensive Breakdown of Three Multifamily "Investor-Friendly" Metros.

We've seen a transition in recent years. Savvy investors have begun migrating from over-saturated matured markets into new and emerging metros scattered across the U.S. The Real Estate Guys Radio is one of the best places to stay up to date on news of market trends and new opportunities.

The multifamily investment space is a particularly popular avenue that many look to for consistent cash flow, growing equity, and maximized returns.

Recently, our very own Steve Olson sat down with The Real Estate Guys Hosts, Robert Helms and Russell Gray to discuss three emerging markets that are proving to be particularly impressive in our list of "Investor-friendly metros."

You can listen to the podcast here, or if you'd like to read through the written commentary by The Real Estate Guys, you can find their summary details here "Market Spotlight – Three Metros Attracting Attention Now"

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