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Newcomer Growth Finally Surpasses Birth Rate in Utah

market research utah utah county Dec 13, 2019

Likely a mixture of the growing tech industry along Lehi's point of the mountain and a contrasting real estate market from that of California/Seattle, Utah County is seeing a dip in birth rate and a spike in outsiders moving in.

Whether you're from Utah or not, you're probably aware that "the Beehive State" isn't exactly known for its small families. Emily Harris with the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute stated that in the past, about 2/3 of statewide growth came from newborns.

Are we finally seeing a break in the trend?

"New population estimates confirm Utah’s changing profile, with more newcomers driving growth in the state as fewer babies are being born." - KSL

In a report released this Monday, based on census data Utah has now reached a population of more than 3.2 million. The report also showed that, since 2010, growth year to year is more and more often being caused by net-migration.

Harris also stated that almost half of new faces over the last year moved from other states or from abroad, contributing almost 25,000 people.

Utah County Leading the Way

In the last year, Utah County lead the pack with more than 17,800 new residents... and for the first time in the last decade, over 50% were from out of state.

"The Beehive State welcomed just shy of 47,000 newborns in 2019, the lowest since the year 2000.

Although it once held the highest fertility rate in the nation, Utah has slipped to fourth, behind the Midwestern states of South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska."

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