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Steve Bond Opening Session.png

Steve Bond

Opening Ceremony

What is the purpose of the IREI Summit? What can you learn here? How do I network effectively?


20 min

Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence

50 Ironmans in 50 Days in 50 States!


61 min


Tim Ballard

Operation Underground Railroad

In the past five years, O.U.R. has rescued 2,078 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 1,173 traffickers around the world.


55 min

Brett Hagler

New Story

A Non-Profit Working to Pioneer Solutions to Build Thriving Communities Around the World.


31 min

Russell Gray Pic.png

Russell Gray

Co-Host Real Estate Guys Radio

How to Create a Brand Worthy of Investor Trust—Where the Deals Flow Freely to the Brand.


59 min

Mike Bingham.png

Mike Bingham

Blue Diamond Capital

Growing a Business: Value Add through Relationships and Partnerships.


45 min

Mat Sorenson.png

Mat Sorenson

Lawyer, Author

Investing in Notes & Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA.


42 min

Curtis Ray.png

Curtis Ray

SunCor Financial, LLC

There are 7 Rules of Money Found Inside of MPI.


59 min

Carrie Cook.png

Carrie Cook

Ignite Funding

How to Set Up a Crowdfunding Platform.


60 min

RE Panel.png

Expert Panel

Experienced Investors/Experts

IREI Summit Speakers Sit Together to Answer Questions and Give Their Most Important Advice.


47 min

Kenneth Perlman.png

Kenneth Perlman

John Burns Real Estate Consulting

State of the Multifamily Market in the West.


49 min

Mark Kohler.png

Mark Kohler

KKOS Lawyers

Best Tax & Legal Strategies for Real Estate Investors.


108 min

Randy Luebke 2.png

Randy Luebke

Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.

How to Integrate Income Properties Into a Financial Plan.


47 min

Randy Luebke 3.png

Randy Luebke

Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.

How to Manage Real Estate Investments that are NOT Local.


35 min

Ken Holman 2.png

Ken Holman

National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA)

How to Invest in Real Estate Using Self-Directed Retirement Accounts.


51 min

Ken Holman.png

 Ken Holman

National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA)

How to Incorporate 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges When Acquiring Investment Property.


48 min

Randy Luebke.png

Randy Luebke

Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.

How to Evaluate Income Properties.


50 min

Matt Atkinson.png

Matt Atkinson

MJA Real Consulting

How to Replace Your Income with Investment Property.


56 min

Neal Bawa.png

Neal Bawa

Grocapitus & MultifamilyU

How to Analyze a Real Estate Market in 60 Minutes and Know More than a "Local Expert".


58 min

Paul Mayfield.png

Paul Mayfield

Microsoft, Investor, Philanthropist

Charity Strategies that Multiply Your Ability to Give.


36 min

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