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Eviction Moratoriums vs Landlords - EP04

Episode 4 of the Build-to-Rent Podcast.

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Welcome to the Build-to-Rent Podcast. I'm Steve Olson, and I do these episodes with Sherida Zenger and Chase Leavitt of the Fourplex Investment Group.

Today we are going to talk about something that made the news a couple of weeks ago, I was relieved, everybody else was on pins and needles. And I think if you're a landlord or property owner, you probably were relieved. Here's a headline from NPR that we're going to talk about today, "the Supreme Court will allow evictions to resume it could affect millions of tenants"

Here on the Build-to-Rent Podcast, we're exploring that rapidly increasing industry. There's a massive shortage of units across the country--builders have not been keeping up. People are jumping into this space to try to fill that void and create affordable multifamily inventory for renters.