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FIG Multi-Project Update | New Schedules Announced

As we continue to recognize the tremendous growth in our economy we're excited to announce to progress of our several multifamily developments. Please visit each post below for their videos and content specific to their projects.


We have recently promoted one of our project managers, Miguel to work out of our home office and be responsible to manage all construction schedules across all projects. This tracking system will have a fresh look starting in the Porters Crossing Development. Our clients will now be able to login and view the link of their project to see how it is trending with the anticipated benchmark dates. Take a look at the Porters Crossing Tracking Schedule HERE.

You'll notice the future projects are mostly scheduled out as well in the tabs at the bottom for our upcoming Meridian, ID, Herriman, UT and Houston, TX developments starting to close in the next month with a new set of investors.

We also want to welcome Brian Schnell to our home office. Brian started February 5th, 2018 and relocated from Portland, OR to work with FIG. Brian will be Director of Operations and comes with 20 yrs of building and multifamily development experience. We are very excited for his contributions to refining and scaling our systems for our clients and future growth.

Paytons Quarry

Check out our February 2018 project video update featuring Paytons Quarry in Herriman, UT. This fourplex development features our 3 story townhome product and is directly North of the new Salt Lake Community College Campus, REAL Salt Lake practice facilities and charter school and nestled in the Rosecrest master-planned community. To the North is the new Centracal retail development and new High School. This is one of the fastest growing areas in the State of Utah. Buildings have started to be turned over and completed. For more project info you can visit http://www.fig.us/paytonsquarry

Porters Crossing

The Porters Crossing subdivision in Eagle Mountain, UT is coming along well with framed up buildings 1-7 and all buildings will have framing at least started by March. The rest of February will have sticks going up very quickly. Check out the project details at http://www.fig.us/porterscrossing

The Lochs

The Lochs at Waters Edge Multifamily development is comprised of three story townhome style fourplexes. This project has had about 1/3 of the development turned over with units being rented weekly and more units to be turned over throughout Spring. For the project details go to http://www.fig.us/thelochs

Easton Park

Easton Park in American Fork is FIG's largest investment development to date with over 350 doors. The development is nearing completion with all units to be turned over by Summer 2018. As you'll note nearly all of phase three is framed up and some units have roofing. The main amenities are in and you'll want to swing by and check out the zipline's...they're incredible. For complete project details check out http://www.fig.us/eastonpark

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