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2020 Project Updates [Utah Edition]

Today we have updates on four of our Utah projects along with new drone footage at each site!

This includes our newly announced projects in Payson and Provo, so be sure to check out the latest on that front! As always, if you have any questions let us know 👍

Payson, Utah — Pineridge Farms

We're making our way through initial approvals with the city of Payson and are getting ready to clear the site within the next 60 days as well as begin horizontal development. Construction on phase 1 is still expected to start in April, with phase 2 in May, and phase 3 in June. If you haven't checked out our webinar on this project, we recommend you check it out! As well as future plans for UTA FrontRunner Expansion.

Provo, Utah — Blackstone Farms

While there's not much to see other than a bunch of snow, there's definitely a lot to be excited about! With Blackstone Farms, we have a rare opportunity to get into a brand new multiunit in Southeast Provo.

Currently, this property and surrounding areas will have more of an "industrial feel" but don't let that fool you. This project is found inside an Opportunity Zone, and with the announcement of the Brigham Young Universities' new Medical School (down the street by the East Bay golf course) this area is likely to change in big ways.

We are already starting to see some of these changes, making this a prime location for investors and future tenants once completed. 

Magna, Utah — Colony Farms

Construction in Colony Farms has continued to move forward at a very good pace regardless of winter weather. Looking at the project as a whole: we are ahead of schedule! We are seeing most of phase 1 completed and/or near completion. The framing has been completed on most of phases 2-5 and we are starting to see a lot of the interior work being done in those phases. All the infrastructure/utilities are completed for phases 6-9.

We will see our two-story Delinda floor plans in phases 6-7 and in phase 8-9 toward the end, we will see our 20-plex building start to take shape over the next couple of months. Once the weather warms up in spring, we will get started on the clubhouse, landscaping, and amenities.

Right now we are very happy with the progress we've seen during construction in Magna. Everything looks great right now as our initial lease-up and stabilization period on the first couple phases are right around the corner! If we see any changes or delay we will be sure to let you know.

Eagle Mountain, Utah — Dublin Farms

Construction is moving quickly at Dublin Farms! Phase 1 is nearing completion, with units set to receive certificates of occupancy by late February/early March. Progress in phases 2 and 3 are steady as well, with all units expected to be completed by early summer. If you have any questions about where your units stand specifically, please reach out!

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