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How to Set Up a Crowdfunding Platform

The idea of crowdfunding and the actual word around crowdfunding has become such a common word. People take it to an extreme, and there are a lot of platforms out there taking advantage of people.

This video will teach you the difference between two things: The crowdfunding platform in which you're invested in a company and the people—and a platform in which you are investing in the collateral itself.

There is a HUGE difference.

What is Crowdfunding?

"Crowdfunding starts with an idea. So the idea is formed, from what somebody has an apartment complex they're needing to fund. Somebody has a record label they're looking to fund. That was the purpose behind crowdfunding...it was a means to an end for you to raise money, based off of an idea. That's where it all started.

The middleman, the person in the middle is typically the broker or the person who's putting together the idea with the funding.

So who is the middleman?

We all can have great ideas. And a lot of people out there have money. But who's actually going to put that together? And how's it going to work?

That's why you're here, you need to figure out how am I going to get these two people to connect so that I can raise what I need. It's either going to come from you, yourself, your idea, or a company."

How to Set Up a Crowdfunding Platform

Carrie Cook:

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