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Nampa, Idaho has a New Largest Employer!

Updated: Mar 19

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1,000+ Jobs Coming to Nampa

This week we received big news for Nampa, Idaho. For a while now there has been a rumored development by the name of "Project Bronco"... a 650,000 sq ft center set to open up in 2020. Business Wire has now confirmed that Project Bronco is going to be a new Amazon fulfillment center―bringing over 1,000 full-time jobs to the area.

"The fulfillment center will be on the southwest corner of East Franklin Road and Star Road in northeast Nampa, near the Ford Idaho Center and the Sorrento Lactalis cheese factory. Amazon is partnering with Pannotoni Development Co. Inc. on construction." - Idaho Press

We've also recently heard from Nampa's Economic Development Director, Beth Ineck that the developer has planned a minimum investment of $130 M into the project. Neck stated that currently Walmart is Nampa's largest employer, staffing upwards of 800-900 employees. Amazon plans to surpass this.

“Amazon is committed to creating a positive economic impact in Nampa and enhancing the customer experience throughout the region,” Alicia Boler Davis, Amazon vice president of global customer fulfillment

Strengthening a Community for Investors

The positive affect of Amazon's influence has been reflected alongside FIG's other investments as well. Our current project in Magna, Utah (just outside Salt Lake City), It's been reported, "Amazon will be opening a distribution center expected to bring 1,500 new full-time jobs." - Utah in 2025 Will Look Very Different

And don't forget the more recent news just south of our Magna project: “We’re excited to open a new, state-of-the-art fulfillment center in West Jordan and to continue innovating in a state committed to providing great opportunities for jobs and customer experience,” Alicia Boler Davis

Sitting in the Forbes Top 5 global companies, you can be assured that Amazon has done their research in picking thriving locations to expand their business. “Amazon is committed to creating a positive economic impact in Nampa and enhancing the customer experience throughout the region,”. We look forward to seeing tenant quality rise as more stability and security develops in both Nampa and Magna.

Amazon's Impact on Nampa

  • 1,000+ Jobs

  • $15/hr minimum wage

  • Estimated 8 roundabouts, traffic signals and 6 new intersections

  • 7,000+ vehicle trips a day

  • Amazon plans to pay up to 95% of employee tuition

  • Estimated $1 m a year in tax revenue for Nampa

Idaho Gov. Brad Little: "Amazon’s investment in Nampa will add job opportunities for our citizens and create a ripple effect of economic activity throughout the region. The investment demonstrates that Idaho’s workforce and economy continue to attract the ideas and businesses that thrive in a knowledge-based economy."

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