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Texas Investors: US 290 Expected to Bring Same Growth to NW Houston as Interstate 10

“The US 290 corridor has been experiencing unprecedented investment in anticipation of the opening of the new and expanded US 290 at the end of this year,” David Wolff, chairman and president of Wolff Companies, tells GlobeSt.com. “It is a major driver of development in the area.” - Globest.com

If you can recall the amount of growth that came to the area as a result of the completion of Interstate 10—Houston expects the same effect on northwest Houston as a result of the US 290.

A completed 290 will have 11 lanes, including a reversible HOV lane from Loop 610 to Texas State Highway 6/FM 1950 and nine lanes from there to Waller County. This level of expansion not only flushes out traffic but brings a string of high-quality growth to undeveloped land in the area.

The effect Highway 290 and other expansion projects are going to have on our investments in Cypress, TX are addressed in our market report. Head over to fig.us/marketreports to request a free copy.

An example of this growth is large new cricket complex coming to the cypress area: you can read the details at the original article here: New US 290 Corridor Spurs Major Development

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