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The Faces Behind FIG

If you haven’t met everyone already—here’s your chance to get to know the team who brought this all together. FIG’s developments appeal to a broad audience of investors, and you can

always count on quality construction and solid returns. Hard work, due diligence, and a combined network of experience continues to bring consistent returns for our investors.

Here’s to the team who makes it all happen:

Mike switched his focus to single family homes in the mid-2000’s and specialized in high-end custom homes, but his love for development prevailed, and in 2012 he started developing multi-family projects again. Since 2013, Vollkommen Construction, under Mike’s direction, has built and sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of townhomes in the Utah and Salt Lake County areas... [Full Bio]

“Using many of the LEAN practices that helped build one of the nations largest contracting firm, I have been able to help streamline much of the internal functions of Vollkommen. When I'm not at work I enjoy coaching my boys football teams, playing with my family, and staying involved in church & community. I also sit on the community council for PGJH...” [Full Bio]

Brian loves the multifamily construction industry and with more than 20 years of experience,

Brian looks forward to the opportunities that each new day brings. Prior to his relocation to

Utah, (where he attended BYU and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management) Brian lived in Portland, Oregon and worked for a multifamily developer. With direct

responsibility for all development and construction processes, Brian managed the construction of nearly 3000 units with a value in excess of $400,000,000.00... [Full Bio]

Corey is the Property Services Director for RE/MAX Equity Property Management. He brings years of property management and real estate experience, with a background in marketing. Corey prides himself on providing exceptional service to owners and tenants alike. Corey personally visits every FIG property, ensuring reliable property management, and doing whatever necessary to keep his clients happy. Before joining RE/MAX, Corey spent 5 years as a Professional Firefighter/ Medic in a small town in Northern Nevada... [Full Bio]

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