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[Top 10 Stats] Utah County in 2020

Quick Utah Overview

  • Area: 84,897 SQ. MI.

  • GDP: $164.917 Billion

  • College Educated: 44%

  • Population: 3,101,833

  • Capital: Salt Lake City

  • Median Income: $28,085

US World Report

[Utah Rankings]

  • #1 in employment

  • #2 in economy

  • #2 in transportation

  • #2 in Internet access

  • #3 in infrastructure

  • #4 in quality of healthcare

  • #4 in economic opportunity

  • #5 in fiscal stability

Top 10: Utah County

  1. Utah takes 1st Place in economic competitiveness—up from 4th place (2006-2016) (Alec-Laffer Report)

  2. Ten-X predicts rents will rise 12.6% by 2021 and net operating income will climb by 3.4% annually during that same time period. (HousingWire)

  3. "Silicon Slopes"—has seen an increase of tech industry employment by nearly 65% from 2010 to 2017, "far surpassing the national average of around 16%" (US News)

  4. Just six years ago, Vineyard had approximately 400 residents. Now in 2019 it's estimated at around 15,000 people, "with many living in new high-rise buildings and townhomes bordering I-15." (Deseret News)

  5. Utah County leads the pack with more than 17,800 new residents... and for the first time in the last decade, over 50% were from out of state. (US Census)

  6. According to Inc., Provo-Orem and Salt Lake markets lead the top three economic areas in “dollar-per-deal averages in venture-capital-backed tech startups.” Inc.com

  7. Since 2010, Forbes has listed Utah as "the best state for business" 6 TIMES!

  8. Just down the street from Adobe, Micron, Entrata and much more, imagine the attractive real estate soon to open up as the moving of the prison will be opening up 700 acres of developable space. (FIG BLOG)

  9. Qualtrics just announced plans to double the size of their Provo-based, Utah County headquarters (FIG BLOG)

  10. FrontRunner extension will soon include a station in Payson, UT (UTA)


  • Tyson Foods Breaks Ground on $300M facility in Eagle Mountain (FIG BLOG)

  • Facebook's data center in Eagle Mountain, Utah will be expanding nearly 500,000 sq ft (Facebook)

Utah County Market Report: [Download]