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Why Real Estate Investors Have Their Eyes Fixed on Nampa, Idaho... 🔭🏡

Nampa, an Idahoan city teeming with potential as it takes pride in local food processing, agribusiness, manufacturing and technology—and where recreation and healthcare industries are beginning to take off. Here's a glimpse of what we're talking about:

A 60 second look at Nampa:

But Where is Nampa?

Nampa is located about 20 miles west of Boise along interstate 84. It's the principal city of the Boise-Nampa Metro area (Idaho's largest metropolitan area), and is centrally and ideally located to reach all the western U.S. markets. The entire area has proven to be a great place for the Fourplex Investment Group, as we now have properties in both Nampa and Meridian.

A Sneak Peak at the Nampa Market

Population: 95,901

Median Home Price: $291,000 (17% above the national median)

Cost of Living: 7% above national average

Why the Metro Area Made the Forbes "Best Places to Retire in 2019"


  • Robust economy.

  • Low serious crime rate.

  • Highly bikeable.

  • Good weather with low humidity and relatively mild winters, and good air quality.

  • Good ratio of physicians per capita.

  • No state taxation of Social Security benefits and no estate/inheritance tax.

  • High rate of volunteerism.

  • High rank on Milken Institute best cities for aging list.

Investor Outlook for Nampa and the Boise Metro:

If you've read our past article, You knew Boise was growing, but did you know how fast?, you know that Boise is a prime location for many reasons. The metropolitan area itself has a population around 674,675 people, and boasts the following rental stats:

  • Boise ranks 5th in Nation for Rising Rents

  • Average Rent Increase of 14.4% for One-Bedroom Apartments over the Last Year

  • Average rent across all types of apartments is $983 per month – up from the $879. (11.8% increase since last year)

  • Between 95% and 99.5% of all units have people living in them in every area – with the lowest occupancy in Southeast Boise at 95.5%

Rents in Boise have had a strong cycle of growth, culminating this year in what is poised to be the best year of rent gains yet. This trend has been bolstered by a healthy and expanding economy in Boise and Idaho as a whole, as evidenced by some of the strongest employment growth in the country. Roughly 41% of the population rents rather than owns.

In Nampa, households earn a median yearly income of 45,404—while average household expenditures average 46,658—keeping many individuals and families in multifamily rental units for longer periods of time.

Snag a Nampa, ID Market Report!

A few things the report includes: [Download a Nampa Market Report]

  • Local Schools, Amenities

  • Leading Employers, Industry, and Number of Employees

  • Break down of our Laguna Farms fourplexes

  • Local microeconomics

  • Location information and map

  • Community Info

  • Statistics/Demographics

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