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FIG DISCLAIMER: No investments are guaranteed to result in profits. Net operating income, cap rates, and internal rates of return are subject to fluctuation and may experience a wide range of change, including the potential for operating losses. Factors affecting investment returns include, without limitation, changes in interest rates, tenant vacancies and defaults, property management expenses, repair and maintenance costs, HOA expenses, litigation, insurance rates, and relative strength and weakness in the local and regional economy. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. FIG does not provide tax or legal advice, and none of the statements or information on our website or sales materials should be construed as tax or legal advice. All investors are encouraged to seek advice from their own tax and legal professionals. All estimated returns on investments in FIG projects are subject to change and may be significantly different from actual financial performance. FIG is a brand used for the purposes of marketing. FIG is not an actual company but is used to brand the investment strategy used by those marketed on this website. © 2020 FIG & RE/MAX Equity

Welcome To FIG

FIG (Fourplex Investment Group) is home to investors seeking real estate investments that provide cash flow, build solid equity, and help you build and preserve your wealth. FIG projects are built in growing markets, experience low vacancy rates, and are located in high demand employment growth areas.


Fourplex investment properties are the most lucrative because of their ease of financing. Fannie Mae will lend up to 75% LTV  with a 30 yr amortization on a fourplex property, whereas a unit that is 5 or more doors will require commercial lending may require 30% or more and will be amortized over 20-25 yrs with a balloon payment due typically in 5-10 years. FIG hedges against risk by putting a homeowners association and professional property management company in charge of protecting and maintaining the exterior integrity of their projects so our investors can have a turn-key investment for many years. FIG’s developments appeal to a broad audience of investors, and you can always count on quality construction and solid returns.

The Core Team

Mike Miller
Co-Founder & Principal
Builder / Developer / Creative Genius

Mike Miller has been in the construction industry since he was 17 years old. He started as a painter in California and eventually started his own painting company in Utah in 1993. He started in real estate development in 2000 and developed several high-density, multi-family projects in Salt Lake County over the next few years. He started Vollkommen Construction a few years later and began building his own projects.


He switched his focus to single-family homes in the mid-2000s and specialized in high-end custom homes, but his love for development prevailed, and in 2012 he started developing multi-family projects again. Since 2013, Vollkommen Construction, under Mike’s direction, has built and sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of townhomes in the Utah and Salt Lake County areas. Mike is committed to providing a quality product at a great price to investors who are looking to enhance their real estate portfolios.


When Mike isn’t working, he is spending time with his wife and 6 children, who are the true loves of his life. He enjoys skiing, coaching his 5 sons in football, spoiling his only daughter and watching any kind of sports in person or on TV.

Jacob Erekson
Partner Director of Construction

I joined the Vollkommen team back in 2013 after working for close to a decade with one of the nations top 20 General Contractors. Making the transition from large commercial construction projects to fast-paced residential has had its challenges, but being able to lean On my high-rise production, and healthcare's attention to details background has helped to smooth the transition process. Using many of the LEAN practices that helped build one of the nations largest contracting firms, I have been able to help streamline much of the internal functions of Vollkommen. 


When I'm not at work I enjoy coaching my boys football teams, playing with my family, and staying involved in church & community. I also sit on the community council for PGJH.

Brian Schnell
Director of Operations

Brian Schnell loves the multifamily construction industry and with more than 20 years of experience, Brian looks forward to the opportunities that each new day brings.


Prior to his relocation to Utah, (where he attended BYU and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management) Brian lived in Portland, Oregon and worked for a multifamily developer.  With direct responsibility for all development and construction processes, Brian managed the construction of nearly 3000 units with a value in excess of $400,000,000.00.   Brian also spent two years as a construction consultant working on projects that included building large custom homes, single-family lot development and advising clients on land use and construction matters.  These experiences have built a broad knowledge base in all aspects of construction and Brian continues to enjoy the thrill of creating great communities.


With his wife, three children and a daughter-in-law, Brian enjoys visiting new places, exploring the outdoors, camping and taking trips to Disneyland.

Property Management

Corey Bohner 
Property Management Director

Corey is the Property Services Director for MAXX Property Management. He brings years of property management and real estate experience, with a background in marketing.  Corey prides himself on providing exceptional service to owners and tenants alike. Corey personally visits every FIG project, ensuring reliable property management, and doing whatever necessary to keep his clients happy. Before joining RE/MAX Equity Property Management, now MAXX Property Management, Corey spent 5 years as a Professional Firefighter/ Medic in a small town in Northern Nevada.  Corey has a passion for film and photography and loves to help others capture the important moments in their lives.  


When Corey is not working, he is spending time with his beautiful wife, cheering on the Broncos and the Rockies, hanging out in the mountains hiking or skiing/snowboarding, hot rod restoration, or catching the latest movie release.