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JT Lindsay

Lead Finance Strategist

NMLS#: 1447979
Mobile: (801) 717-8038

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Navigating financing for new construction 2-4 unit investments can be a smooth experience when working with a banker that specializes in these products. FIG's preferred lender, Lane Aldrich has assisted investors with securing over $250M in multi-family financing in just the last few years and is well equipped for coordinating the financing of your purchase.

Here is how his role in the purchasing process will add value to your overall experience:

  • A joint review of the pre-approval & financing procedure for securing your FIG investment

  • Secure a pre-approval for both your construction loan & your Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac long term mortgage upon property completion

  • Submit your construction loan package to our construction banking partner when your property is nearing the construction phase

  • Provide competitive long term financing options when facilitating your permanent refinance loan upon completion of your property

If you have already secured a reservation with FIG or have plans to, you can get the pre-approval process started by clicking on the “Start Approval” button below and viewing the mortgage documentation checklist.

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