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The Boulders Development

The Boulders in Herriman Updates

project updates salt lake county utah Sep 24, 2019

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  • 252 Doors
  • 12 Duplexes, 58 Fourplexes

Project Timeline

September 2019

We're in the home stretch of construction here in Herriman! Phase 1 is leased up, phase 2 leasing is underway, with landscaping in process, and phase 3 will be hitting the market soon as subcontractors work through interior finishes. Check out the latest drone footage below:

August 2019

We're getting close to the finish line in Herriman! Leasing is well underway in phases 1 and 2, with landscaping installed in much of phase 1 and getting ready for install in phase 2. If you have questions about leasing, construction timing, etc, please don't hesitate to reach out!

July 2019

With the seemingly eternal wet spring now behind us, landscaping is nearing completion on phase 1 and now beginning on phase 2. The busy leasing time of year is now here, with property management actively showing units and placing tenants regularly throughout phase 1 and phase 2. All buildings are now framed and, as of now, we're on schedule for project-wide on-time completions. For specific questions please reach out to us at your convenience.

May 2019

Leasing is well underway in phase 1, and landscaping is being installed. As landscaping finishes up and we get deeper into May, leasing will accelerate as May through August is the prime rental season in Utah. Units in parts of phase 2 should start delivering in the next few weeks.

March 2019

Most of phase 1 is complete with certificates of occupancy having been issued just ahead of the Springtime tenant rush. All framing is complete in phases 2 and 3 with construction expected to finish within 12 months from the start of construction. We're excited about the arrival of spring so that landscaping can be installed as more units begin to finish up!

January 2019

December 2018

October 2018

Construction is far along in phase 1, with landscaping in this phase having already started (after this footage was taken). Interiors are near completion with appliances getting delivered in much of the first phase. In addition since taking this footage, foundations and framing are coming out of the ground in the subsequent phases.

September 2018

August 2018

All closings for Phases 2-5 in Village at the Boulders are done! Streets are in and so are the required retaining walls. We'll soon be seeing foundations and sticks coming out of the ground in these phases. Phase 1 is all framed up, with exteriors going up on the first few buildings. The Herriman area continues to grow with more commercial and retail properties arriving, which will be a great welcome to our tenants as this project begins to turnover! Check out the below video of the progress at the job site.

July 2018

Construction is moving right along at Village at the Boulders in Herriman, UT! Framing for phase 1 is near completion. Closings for phases 2-5 are underway, with construction to start soon thereafter. This is one of FIG's first projects wherein all horizontal development was completed prior to any construction closings. So far getting a head start appears to be paying off! Development in this area of Herriman is accelerating as well. Notice the new practice facility (red building with grey roof) in the background. That's the new practice facility for Salt Lake's professional soccer team. It's just one of the many other projects underway in Herriman right now.

January 2018

December 2017

FIG's Village at The Boulders in Herriman, UT is starting to take shape. Ground crews have started clearing and preparing the site so construction can hit the ground running when closings start in early 2018. Prime location by Herriman's mountain view corridor and right by the new Real Salt Lake soccer facility with views of Salt Lake valley.

Drone footage of our project Village at The Boulders in Herriman, UT. This was taken on December 15, 2017. As you can see this project is already starting to take shape. Construction is wanting to get ahead of the game so we are ready to go once construction closings happen in March 2018. Awesome location with great views by Real Salt Lake's new soccer facility. Our investors are thrilled about this project as so are we for them!

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