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The Fourplex Product Niche with Real Estate Guys Co-Host, Russell Gray

market research webinars Aug 29, 2020

"For anyone watching this, the first year that you own and acquire a property—that's the thinnest cashflow. Because you're buying in whatever the market is, especially in a hot market, and bidders bid it up and it gets a little thin.

But with cheap financing locked in for the long-term,...


Hayden Farms Announcement & Breakdown


The intent here is to give a pre-launch view of Hayden Farms, our next project coming to the Phoenix Valley. The project will consist of 39 fourplexes and 9 duplexes in Surprise, Arizona. This project has been a long time coming and we're really excited to be finally able to...


Breaking Down the Village on Greenway


Covered in this video:

  • Inside look at Maricopa County in comparison to Arizona as a whole
  • Market info for El Mirage and the surrounding area
  • Breakdown of the Village on Greenway (location, proforma, plat map, floor plans, timing, etc...)
  • Brief History of FIG and an intro to our team
  • Multifamily...

Tax Advantages of Owning Fourplexes

market research webinars Jun 22, 2020

Covered in this video:

  • How depreciation affects a W2 income earner
  • What are the benefits of a "real estate professional" and how can one qualify?
  • What is cost segregation and bonus depreciation?
  • How does it affect a FIG property?
  • A sneaky new technique to get even more tax savings via energy...

Breaking Down Pineridge Farms in Payson, Utah


Today we took an inside look at Utah, Utah County, the City of Payson, and it's neighborhood. We also dove into project details for Pineridge Farms (Location, Proforma, Plat map, Floor plans, Timing, etc.)

More Info about Pineridge Farms:


Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in Small Multifamily

the fig process webinars May 25, 2020

You're probably here because you're interested in investing in multifamily real estate but are new when it comes to the process. Even if you've already dabbled in the new construction space, either in single-family or multi—the following guide is designed to help you see the big picture.



Breaking Down Starwood Farms in Cypress, Texas


Starwood Farms Project Info:

Transcription of the Breakdown of Starwood Farms

Steve Olson
Good afternoon, everybody. Steve Olson here with the Fourplex Investment Group. Thanks for joining us. I see a bunch of you piling onto the line here. Some of...


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