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FIG's Tech & Amenities Package (What's Included)

the fig process Oct 09, 2020

Today I'm going to go over what's included in our Tech and amenities package here at the Fourplex Investment Group.

What we include in our tech and maintenance package is our sewer, water, trash, internet, landscaping, exterior maintenance, exterior insurance, (also included in the HOA insurance that we did a separate video on explaining that a little bit), clubhouse if the community has a clubhouse, pool, the dog park, and then any other amenities… sometimes we'll have a basketball court, volleyball court, things like that.

All of this has been included in our $75/month package. This is on some of our past projects.

Going forward: All of our projects are going to be smart home packages.

As included in the video above, there’s the $75/month and then the smart home is $125/month.

These are non-negotiable for the tenant. So what's included in the 125 is everything above, and then the following: Nest thermostat, a ring doorbell, and a keyless deadbolt.

That’s a quick look at what’s included in FIG’s tech and amenities package.

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