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Fourplex Investing Update: August 2019

boise houston idaho project updates texas Aug 01, 2019

Welcome to the FIG blog. For those interested in fourplex investing, this is the best place to find news, market updates, and projects going on in multiple states. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and YouTube so you don't miss any updates! Follow us and you'll find news about upcoming fourplex projects, great insights on saving on taxes, researching demographics, and vital market statistics!

What's New in Texas?

We just posted some great info on our project, Starwood Farms in Cypress. TX.  Construction on the neighboring parcel is underway. 15,000 square feet of retail space, 12,000 square feet of medical office, and 303 units of class A apartments are under development. Expanding transportation, highly rated schools, and great demographics make Cypress an excellent choice! Check out our blog post on development in the area plus some fresh photos from the job site. We have fourplexes that start construction as early as September 2019 available. These can be solid options for a 1031 exchange.

What's New in Idaho?

We're making our way through reservations in Laguna Farms in Nampa, ID as well.  Expansion in tech, agribusiness, and manufacturing is creating jobs and a massive need for affordable housing. Check out our blog post on Nampa to see what's driving population and job growth there, and why FIG likes it so much!  Construction on this project is slated to begin next Spring.

If you have questions about these fourplex projects or anything else going on at FIG, please don't hesitate to message us! Feel free to message us on Facebook or schedule a time to chat over at We'll assist you however we can! 

Happy Investing,

- Steve Olson, Chase Leavitt, Sherida Zenger, and Jon Metcalf

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Each year, the Fourplex Investment Group releases new projects in a variety of markets. Joining FIG's investor waitlist is the easiest way to grow your portfolio before reservations fill up.