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The Meadows Multifamily Property

The Meadows Updates

project updates utah utah county Jul 31, 2017

Project Info



  • 16 Doors
  • 4 Fourplexes

Project Timeline

July 2017

The Meadows Development in Provo, UT was completed in 2017. This multifamily development consisted of a total of 16 doors (4 fourplex multifamily properties) and is located at approximately 700 South and 700 West . Due to the proximity to the Provo Intermodal HUB of Frontrunner and also the bus system this location has been a tremendous success for renters and landlords alike.

January 2017

The Meadows property in Provo is rounding it's final base with construction and running swiftly towards completion. All of these fourplex investments now have every essential, roofs, windows, and doors. Two of the buildings appear to be structurally complete. And the other two are close behind, just awaiting the installation of stairways and railings and undergoing the last phase of internal detailing. It won't be long until this multifamily property is a fully functional community. More updates coming soon as The Meadows races towards the finish.

November 2016

Things are really starting to take shape at The Meadows in Provo. All the buildings are fully framed with entirely intact roofs. Three of the buildings have nearly finished exteriors and are in various stages of interior finishing receiving flooring and cabinetry. The fourth building is ready for painting and the installation of doors with the windows already in place. This property will continue to evolve swiftly and move through further stages of finalizing interior and exterior details until this little cluster of buildings is brought to full completion as a community.

October 2016

The Meadows development in Provo has sprouted up swiftly and beautifully. So much progress has been made since the first set of pictures was taken in July (below in the left column) showing mostly undeveloped land with only the parking pavement and cement gutters completed. The second set of pictures (on the right) shows up-to-date advancements made on the property. Two buildings now stand with roofs fully finished, ready to start drywall this week. A third building is in the process of framing with it's first-level walls already put in. And a fourth building will soon start framing on the completed foundation laid on the south side of the property. Work on this development is ongoing with more updates coming soon from FIG as this beautiful property continues to take shape.

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