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Old Mill Village Updates

project updates utah Jun 23, 2023

Project Info


  • Heber City, UT


  • 120 Doors

Project Summary

January 2024

The first certificates of occupancy in Old Mill Village have been received! Construction is flowing from the west side of the project (near Highway 40) eastward and then northward. More certificates of occupancy are expected within the next 30-60 days. The clubhouse has been framed and trades are working through the interior. As winter fades, more work on HOA common areas can commence. The builder is still working through the city to obtain permits on the stacked 4plexes on the north side. Please contact your designated FIG agent with any questions you may have.

November 2023

Certificates of occupancy on the first row of townhomes in Old Mill Village are just around the corner! Construction is nearly complete, with electrical meter packs set to be delivered soon so that the final inspections and cleaning can occur. Expect certificates of occupancy on more townhomes to continue to follow through the spring of next year. The clubhouse is now under construction too! Finally: building permits have been received on the stacked flat units, with construction expected to start shortly. If you have any questions, please contact your designated FIG agent.

September 2023

Once water connections or finalized, driveways on the first batch of townhomes will be in the home stretch for C of O! These townhomes include the affordable "for rent" townhomes. All remaining for rent townhomes are under construction and in various phases of foundation, framing, and trade work. Construction on the remaining townhomes (intended as for sale to owner occupants) will continue to start, with stacked flat fourplexes beginning asap (a discrepancy between the civil and architectural plans is being resolved with the builder and Heber City). If you have any questions, please reach out to your designated FIG agent.

June 2023

Old Mill Village is closed and under construction! The project is comprised of a mix of for rent townhomes, for rent apartments, and for sale townhomes. Additionally, a portion of the for rent and for sale product at Old Mill Village has been set aside as affordable housing. Construction began in the winter of 2022. Some buildings are out of the ground as of now, but a brutally wet winter through 2022 and 2023 has let to a slow start on foundations and excavation for over half of the project. Look for a lot more progress to happen as we dry out into late April and early May, 2023!

The first two buildings are framed, roofed, and nearly complete on the interior. The site is still waiting on permanent power. Once power is received, final finishes will begin in these buildings. The excavation team and plumbers have excavated and begun installing foundations and plumbing on the next six buildings. The construction team is finishing up a few elevation details with Heber City on the stacked fourplex units and expects to pull permits shortly.


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