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project updates utah utah county Jan 25, 2022

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  • 96 Doors
  • 24 Fourplexes

Project Timeline

January 2022

All certificates of occupancy have been received and all units have been leased!

Minor exterior construction is still in progress as finishing touches are put on the clubhouse, pool deck, etc. The playground and pavilion have also been installed along with covered parking on the eastern side of the parking lot. The playground has been filled with wood chips so kids can enjoy it through the winter but any further grass needed there or around the clubhouse won't be installed until weather permits it this Spring.

Accessory garages (which will be rented out by the developer to tenants who want more storage) are now complete.

If you have any questions please reach out to your designated FIG agent with any questions!

A breakdown of the process we went through building/leasing up Pineridge Farms in Payson, Utah. This project had its ups and downs since we launched it in January 2020 before all the pandemic madness began.

November 2021

Pineridge Farms is now almost completely wrapped up!

All units have received their certificates of occupancy and leasing has gone even better than expected. There is still some minor construction on the North end of the project by the last building and storage spaces that are still underway.

The clubhouse is still under construction but is far enough along to act as a leasing office and temporary community center. The pool is near completion with some minor landscaping still to take place on the east side of the clubhouse.

The playground and pavilion are installed as well and just need landscaping to be fully complete (landscaping is difficult this time of year in Utah).

If you have any questions about rents, current market values (yes...they've gone up since you closed), please don't hesitate to reach out to your designated FIG agent.

August/September 2021

Pineridge Farms is looking and performing great! A quick drive through South Utah County gets you a good look at Pineridge right off the freeway. Leasing is well underway in the first half of the project, with the remaining units next in line over the following 30-60 days.

The clubhouse is nearing completion as well, with HOA/Leasing Staff ready to occupy the building as soon as we get permission from the city. The pad for the playground is also in position as the construction team awaits delivery of the playground structure. 

July 2021

We have some community construction updates for Pineridge Farms alongside some new drone footage which you can watch below. Maxx Property Management has also been hard at work leasing up the project.

Landscaping has been installed around building 1 which is now fully leased up! The project's clubhouse which is in Phase 2 is framed clubhouse and the neighboring buildings are nearly complete. The final phase has completed both framing and exteriors.

If you look carefully between the last two buildings in the video, you'll see that grading has finished for the installation of the project's play structure (tot lot). The developer is also installing garages for rent along the north and east sides that will give great storage/parking options to further enhancing the tenant experience.

June 2021

May 2021

The first full building in Pineridge Farms is expected to receive its final completion by June 1! Subsequent buildings are expected to trail behind by approximately 30 days in consecutive order.

Leasing is going well thanks to the rapid growth of Southern Utah County. Utah's demand has brought in plenty of pre-applications for Maxx Property Management. The project's clubhouse is projected to finish within the next 90 days.

January 2021

We've picked up momentum at our Payson project coming into the new year. Framing at Pineridge Farms is either complete or well underway on all buildings (the two buildings that don't show framing in the video have been started since filming).

You'll notice in the video that roofing is well underway and exteriors are mostly complete on the first two buildings. We expect units 1-4 to be finished and available for rent in approximately 60 days.

Maxx Property Management has begun marketing for tenants and taking calls from interested parties. The clubhouse will be prepped for foundation and footings within the next 10 days.

Please reach out to your designated FIG agent with any questions!

November 2020

Asphalt is now fully down and framing is well underway on the first 3 buildings. Windows have started install on building 1 as well, with the last few buildings in various stages of footings, foundation, and underground plumbing. Lumber costs have moderated some, so look for a lot more lumber getting delivered soon! Construction crews are working hard to get these units delivered during peak rental season.

October 2020

We've framed the first building at Pineridge Farms with the second building about 40% there. Asphalt is down, and the underground plumbing, footings, and foundations are in process on subsequent buildings. The last batch of closings on the project's final buildings is expected to happen this week. We're excited to bring more housing to this rapidly growing part of Southern Utah County.

April 2020

This week we visited FIG's latest fourplex project in Payson, Utah. We'll show you around the site and discuss the surrounding area...

March 2020

Phase 1 of this project is now sold out. We have options available that will start construction in June of this year. We recently held a webinar highlighting this project. If you'd like to get to know what's driving the economy in southern Utah County and why we like this project, check out the recorded webinar here

We can also provide you a summary of available units if you reply to this message.  If your timing doesn't work with waiting for construction and you're more interested in a completed property—go ahead and contact us through email or the contact form at the bottom of the page. We may be able to drum up some options for you in UT, ID, or TX.

January 2020

We're making our way through initial approvals with the city of Payson and are getting ready to clear the site within the next 60 days as well as begin horizontal development. Construction on phase 1 is still expected to start in April, with phase 2 in May, and phase 3 in June. If you haven't checked out our webinar on this project, we recommend you check it out! As well as future plans for UTA FrontRunner Expansion.


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