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The Pros & Cons of New Construction

market research the fig process Nov 12, 2020

Real estate investing 101 teaches a buyer how to find an existing deal, analyze it, and then buy it. However, one thing that's often not discussed is how the market demand across the country is showing a desperate need for new housing. Population growth in many states has made new construction absolutely necessary.

New construction real estate is dynamic, challenging, complex. It comes with it's own levels of exponential risk in comparison to buying existing real estate. However, where there is risk, there is great reward (when done right). Especially in the Western U.S. where the majority of growth is. There is huge opportunity for both large and small development here. That vacant piece of ground in the middle of the block that’s been there for some time could potentially deliver a fantastic ROI with the right vision, persistence, and capital. 

One of the most common topics of our office and brokerage is how to create the kind of inventory we want to see in the market. As you are driving around your community, don’t see what’s there, focus on what should be there. It's this approach to residential multifamily that has led FIG to the success we've seen across several states.

Pros & Cons



  • New is nice
  • Design will fit the demand of current tenants
  • Newer locations create synergy of new business and entertainment, shopping venues
  • Property will meet current building code
  • Ability to create a true beginning to end value-add approach
  • Choose your professional team at every level of the process
  • Typically if done right you have a built in equity play on the asset at completion.
  • Builder Warranty for at least the first year.
  • Old usually equals deferred maintenance
  • Outdated design and technology
  • Location can become blighted
  • Working through the details with the municipality is a tremendous challenge 
  • Budgeting and overages
  • Timing of completion
  • Stabilization from 0% occupied
  • Issues with building code and insurability
  • Work through issues of mis-management in people and process

Our team has been providing new construction residential multifamily for investors for quite a while now. Since we have the partnerships and expertise already in place, investors are able to tap into the benefits of new build multifamily without the headache of planning and executing all by themselves. Each of our projects are professionally built and managed so that your experience can be as hands-off as possible—letting you put investment dollars to work without the sacrifice in your schedule. A breakdown of our process goes as follows...

Step 1: Due-Diligence (pre-contract)

  • Talk to a FIG Professional to review your investment needs.

  • Select a development to invest in (examples).

  • Get approved with a lender and finalize lot + upgrades to determine the final price.

Step 2: Contract & Deposit Stage

  • Complete a FIG Purchase Contract & Disclosure Signoff.

  • Day One: Deposit $10k to the title company.

  • Once Plat Records: Deposit the remainder of 10% of the purchase price to the title company.

Step 3: Construction Close to Income

  • FIG will give you a 30-day notice to close on your construction loan.

  • Once you close, the builder pulls your permit and begins construction asap.

  • Watch your email for monthly on-site video updates and finalize property management. Receive your final certificate of occupancy, finalize your long term loan, and let your investment roll!

Note from the team: We understand that many of you are first-time investors. We want you to know that we put extra effort into guiding you through each step of this process. If you ever have a question, let us know!

FIG's Waitlist:

Each year, the Fourplex Investment Group releases new projects in a variety of markets. Joining FIG's investor waitlist is the easiest way to grow your portfolio before reservations fill up.