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What's New at FIG? (Upcoming Meetups, Webinars, Available Fourplexes)

idaho project updates texas utah May 31, 2019

There's a lot going on at FIG right now!

With interest rates declining, cash flows are improving across the board. See below for a quick summary of available fourplexes, FIG's visit to the Bay Area, and a special webinar for our project in Cypress, TX!

Webinar on Starwood Farms - June 4

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, June 4 at 6:00 PM Mountain for a webinar on Starwood Farms! We'll discuss the local economy, rental market, prospects for growth, and project availability.

Join us in the San Francisco Bay area June 11 and June 12

Do you live in Northern California and would like to meet the FIG team in person? We're hosting two happy hour events in a few weeks. We'll be in Santa Clara, CA on the evening of June 11, and downtown San Francisco on the evening of June 12.

Available Fourplexes

Right now, FIG is accepting reservations in three different fourplex developments:

Colony Farms in Magna, UT

Development in Salt Lake County continues to push westward. With this and the employment growth in the NW quadrant of SL County, Magna is poised for growth! Other builders have now clued in, with Ivory Homes scheduled to build 500 homes on the parcel immediately to the west of us. Construction on FIG fourplexes has already begun in the first phase. Check out more information on the project here. As I write this, units P, BB, FF, JJ, QQ, SS, and WW are available. Some of these units are ready to start construction as early as July and August!

Starwood Farms in Cypress, TX

Cypress is an excellent city with high employment and per capita income. The schools are excellent, and the secret is out. The grand parkway and the newly widened 290 freeway are giving more access to Cypress than ever. We're not the only ones that know this... check this link out to see what the developer next to us is currently building. Check out more information on the project here. As I write this, units C, G, K, L, M, R, S, and U are available. Some of these start construction as early as August and September!

Laguna Farms in Nampa, ID

The Boise, ID metro continues to grow and continues to experience a shortage of affordable housing. Surrounding cities like Nampa and Meridian are experiencing much of this growth as move-ins from surrounding states put pressure on affordability. Check out more information on our project, Laguna Farms, hereConstruction doesn't begin until next Spring. But we have fourplexes in the first phase available for as low as $654,900!


Steve Olson, Chase Leavitt, Sherida Zenger, and Jon Metcalf

FIG's Waitlist:

Each year, the Fourplex Investment Group releases new projects in a variety of markets. Joining FIG's investor waitlist is the easiest way to grow your portfolio before reservations fill up.